A downloadable game

Just a small space shooter game I made a while back. Shoot space ships and boulders with your lasers and bombs. Try to keep your mouse inside the window. I find that keeping the mouse over your ship works the best. Left click and double click fire the lasers, and right click drops a bomb. There are an assortment of power ups that will destroy enemies or boulders, increase your shields or just give extra points. Hitting ESC will abort the game and take you back to the main screen. There is an online High Score list, powered by a MySQL databse, so play a whole game to see where you rank!  Almost all of the graphic assets used in this game were created by Kenny.NL. Some of the lettering used was created by ChrisDesign, a user of openclipart.org.  All of the sounds in this game were also created by Kenney.NL, with the exepction of the background music, which was created by Peter Gresser. The various old school animated GIFs used in this game are in the public domain as far as I know, authors unknown.

DISCLAIMER: I release this game under CC0, and as such it is free for anyone to use/modify/etc. That being said, it is a complete spaghetti mess, and probably a better example of how NOT to do things, than how to do them. If you would like a copy of the original stack, please e-mail me at sefrojones@gmail.com

Install instructions

Download and extract the RAR, double click the .EXE and play!


SpaceShooter.rar 5 MB