A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Frogger Rocket is a simple game where the only control is the mouse button. Click an hold to fire rockets and fly up, release to fall. Collect the coins, compare scores on the online High Score board. See thE game in action here:



  • Simple Addictive Gameplay
  • One Button Controls
  • All graphics and sounds ruthlessly pillaged form the public domain,The stack and scripts are also in the public domain. Feel Free to use this stack for whatever you like, no attribution necessary, but you can credit "SefroJones" if you like :)

Public Domain Assets used:

Have Fun!

Install instructions

Download, Unzip, and run the .EXE


Download, Unzip, and run stack file. (you will need a copy of LiveCode installed)


FroggerRocket.zip 8 MB
FroggerRocket - Source.zip 5 MB